June 15th

My mini marketing strategy has given me the chance to give away some electronic copies of my new novel. I’m hoping that people will like it enough to read it again, share the details etc etc. If not, I’ll just stick to chewing my own brain, and writing for my own entertainment. Today’s notes (in Diamine Blue Lightning ink) record the numbers downloaded – across 5 countries in all. Perhaps I can say that it is international in appeal, although not yet an international bestseller!

I’m currently working on an anthology of science fiction stories, have completed two of them, and planned some others. The ‘what if’ questions come at me thick and fast; that’s the easy bit. I’m also working on another short story set in the 18th century, like my novel. Drop me a message if you’d like to read it when it’s finished. The cover so far….

Published by Pamela Stephen

I was a teacher in schools and the college sector for over thirty years. In retirement from my full-time job I worked as a part-time tutor. And now I've taken up the pen ( or rather, the keyboard).

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