June 21st

Been busy designing cover images today. I don’t know if I prefer this to the mask I used a few days ago (June 15th). Perhaps it’s more subtle……..I hadn’t spent too much time before now considering book covers, and I’m not going to buy one in. I’d be interested to hear view on the subject, and my choices. Meanwhile getting to grips with the various apps available is yet another good way to spend time when I’m stuck. Ho hum.

Here’s another thing. Do I dare to define my writing as Literature (with a capital L) or is it fiction (historical romance)? even the size of the novel -6 x9 or something else, is exercising me. So many decisions, and because I am so new to this game, I don’t know whether such decisions are crucial or make little difference. I know it is what lies between the covers that counts, but getting people to open them in the first place is surely key. The trials and tribulations of a first time novelist (historical/romance/ general fiction?).

Published by Pamela Stephen

I was a teacher in schools and the college sector for over thirty years. In retirement from my full-time job I worked as a part-time tutor. And now I've taken up the pen ( or rather, the keyboard).

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