June 22nd

So, believe it or not, and I can hardly believe it myself (though I sat through it) I created my first novel on a tablet, using a notes program. 62,000 words, using a small virtual keyboard and a ten inch screen. It wasn’t pretty. Transferring the manuscript via email, chapter by painful chapter did nothing for my patience, and added to the problem was the fact that the program on the tablet was very limited. It had no spelling or grammar checker and no dictionary. So constantly minimising and maximising the screen I was working on became the norm. The one plus was that I could work on it anywhere – any room in the house, and out and about, when the mood took. Oh, and when I got really fed up, a scrabble app beckoned, offering a cut-throat contest between me and my son-in-law.

But in the end common sense prevailed and I had to invest in a sleek new laptop, with a real keyboard and a decent sized screen. And it’s fast. Boy is it fast! So now I can see the whole screen at once as I write, including amazingly, things written two hundred words ago. I have even discovered that with some programs that I thought I was very familiar with, there are features which I did not even know existed before now! I can even save documents, secure in the knowledge that there will be enough space for them as well as photos, posts and email. Am I a proper writer now?

Please welcome me to the 21st century!

Published by Pamela Stephen

I was a teacher in schools and the college sector for over thirty years. In retirement from my full-time job I worked as a part-time tutor. And now I've taken up the pen ( or rather, the keyboard).

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