Hello. I’m a new author and I’m hoping you’ll be coming on this novel journey with me.

I set out on my writing journey months ago -in fact it was on a real physical journey that this all began.

I was in a little museum in Perpignan on the edge of the Pyrenees in January, looking at a painting I had wanted to see for two years. The picture was a self portrait by the artist Hyacinthe Rigaud, the Catalan painter whose portrait of Louis XlV hangs in the Louvre in Paris.

And it was even better than I thought it would be. I came away from the gallery astounded. Once I got home, I began toying with an idea. I read a copy of an exhibition catalogue I bought in the museum shop that day. It was the last one they had, but it was in French; I just couldn’t bring myself to leave it behind. It took me a good while to read and once I’d finished, I had to read the artist’s biography. Every now and then after that, I came across references to Rigaud’s work; there is a website dedicated to him, he was mentioned on an Arts programme I watched on television. Intriguing details began to emerge of his life and career. I was inspired.

The Cotillion Brigade

Today I’m introducing the fabulous novel by Glen Craney. Read about it here! THE COTILLION BRIGADE: A NOVEL OF THE CIVIL WAR AND THE MOST FAMOUS FEMALE MILITIA IN AMERICAN HISTORYBY GLEN CRANEY Publication Date: March 15, 2021Brigid’s Fire PressPaperback & eBook; 399 pages Georgia burns.Sherman’s Yankees are closing in.Will the women of LaGrange runContinue reading “The Cotillion Brigade”

Pressing On

It’s been a busy year(ish) since starting this blog, and I think I can safely say that things are getting better. Spring is coming and the future certainly looks a lot brighter than it did a few months ago. There are bulbs coming up all over the garden, gloriously bright yellows and blues. And indoors,Continue reading “Pressing On”

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